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    Tell other members what your concerns are…

    • What do I need to think about when starting a business?
    • How do I save costs when starting up?
    • What is a profit & loss account?
    • What’s the best bank for my business?

    …if we voice our thoughts and share them we are sure to be connected with those who can help or point us in the right direction.



    Great idea David.

    A lot of startup businesses struggle with the administrative and technical know-how and there is a huge network of other small businesses that can help, many of whom will be attending BizLink.

    Also, many new entrepreneurs struggle with fundamental business knowledge, and key questions & concepts like:

    • How do I differentiate my business from my competitors?
    • How do I effectively launch my products & services?
    • What is the most effective advertising channel for my products/services?
    • I can’t afford to recruit, yet I’m overloaded. How can I grow?
    • I’m stuck with setting up my business, how do I move forward?
    • What’s the secret to successfully building a business?

    Many of these problems are symptoms of an incorrect approach or deeper problems, which with the right knowledge & support can be quickly & easily resolved.

    In order to ensure BizLink offers something different & valuable, I think it’s important that we as business owners work together to answer these problems, utilising both the experience within our network, as well as the fresh innovative perspective of those new to business ownership.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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