About us

Founded in Bournemouth, Dorset, The BizLink Bournemouth is a local and online business community providing resources and opportunities for people starting out or who have established their own small to medium sized business.

Whilst you’re passionate about your product/service, and can manage quite admirably a proportion of the tasks, it is a rare species who is confident, technically knowledgeable and has the time to fulfil ALL the different aspects of running a business; you’re not just the person with the product/service, you’re also the person responsible for the branding, marketing, sales, customer service, IT & telecoms, website, personnel, outsourcing, accounting, etc.

Through The BizLink Bournemouth you will hopefully find the answers from other members; by getting advice, having services you seek, and pointing you in the right direction.

The BizLink Bournemouth also runs local networking events, social events, and workshops, which give you the opportunity to do some B2B marketing and talk with both established and new business owners about possibilities or solutions for your business.

At least once every quarter The BizLink Bournemouth holds workshops offering skills or information geared to assisting the small to medium sized business.

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